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This site is by Hugh Cook of, British-born New Zealand SF writer.

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This site by Hugh Walter Gilbert Cook, an FSF writer born in Britain and educated in New Zealand. Hugh Cook is the author of a number of books, including the ten volumes of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS. Hugh Cook was born in Britain, was educated in New Zealand and has life experience including living for some years in Japan.


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Genghis Lotus

Genghis in his lotus mode
Contemplated the sushi of his thoughts.
Karmic nirvana:
The circulation of his memories appeases
Even his darkness.
He is the silence of the ringing bell.
Forgetting, he imagines
His eyes can see the billion lapiz blue,
The billion blues of the skies that he remembers.
For a moment,
He is complete:
He is Lord Lotus.
An old man now,
At peace with the iron poetic.
The horselords and the sunken snows.
Remembering, also,
The smile of the girl who died.
Remembering that,
He imagines,
For a moment,
A world without cancer,
A world in which stones
Are no longer condemned to blindness.
Then the mood is broken.
He speaks, and says,
"I'm ready."
Of all the deaths he captured,
He owns but just the one,
And yet this one, this surcease,
Will be sufficient.

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